Sep 052017

Please can everyone in Killearn area run a broadband speed test? Right now for the G63 postcode area it’s only showing Download: 4.8 Mbps and Upload: 0.4 Mbps. Which is very slow indeed!

Please check your broadband speed test at

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  1. I got the same result just now (Tues. 5th Sept, 12.14, G63 9SD, 4.8Mbps download, “bursting to 9.8 Mbps”, 0.7 upload, “bursting to 0.8 Mbps”) which is ~1/2 to 1/3rd of what I would expect.

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  2. I live down in Blane Smithy and have been unable to get any form of broadband connection to my house since I moved in April. Sky have promised me that fibre is due this month but still no word. Does anyone know the current situation with the exchange? I’d happily settled for any kind of connection right now. ?

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