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  1. Killearn FC
    Photograph showing Doctor Barclay,Hugh McArthur and John McGowan brought back some very vivid memories of when I played for Killearn,we won the Cameron Cup in 1954. I still have my cup miniature. Thanks!

  2. Hi my name is Sydney Brown ,born in killearn village and my mum Rose is 94 years old and still well in the village,I was part of the BB`s and I at 14 was given the chance to put the war memorial on the village after doing the village walk with all my BB`s staff,it was so proud for me at 14 years old,I am now 58 years old and live in Harrogate north yorkshire ,but love my home village and will want to retire back there some time,I love my village and all my pals from school days .
    x Syd Brown

  3. Hi It is Syd Brown born and bread in Killearn,my best village ever,I tried to send you my picture but could not get it on,
    I went on site 3 days ago and found my picture of cup winners and I was 3rd from the right on back group and my brother david 2nd from right on lower group, right side facingus,it was great.
    I would love to be able to retire to my village in 5 or 6 years to come.
    I have lots of great friends in the village who we all went to school with and we all grew up together.miss them all so much as working in harrogate town and travel all over england to work but would love to get back to my great village,I am a senior orthotist and stated work at Killearn hospital then moved to Gartnaval hospital,then moved south over 30 years ago,but love Killearn,
    x Syd Brown

  4. Hi, I have a medal of my fathers, Alex Angus when Killearn FC won the F&E Assoc. League Championship in 1928. Do. You have any info. About my fathers time with the club?
    John Angus.

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