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Killearn low water pressure

Taken from the Scottish Water website “G63 – Blanefield, Killearn & surrounding area

We have had reports of loss of water supply, low pressure and discoloured water from the area. Operations and Leakage are out trying to locate a burst which is causing this.  We are arranging takering to help restore supplies for customers in this area.  We would hope to have supplies restored as quickly as possible.”

Posted: 3:15pm.


BT – The Race to Infinity

Please help Killearn get faster Internet access by voting in BT’s Race to Infinity website at

Our exchange may not be eligible to win The Race to Infinity since it has fewer than 1000 premises.

We can still get involved, so please go to ‘VOTE NOW’ to express your interest.

If 75% of our exchange registers, BT will engage with our community to see what they can do in our area.

Grit grumblings from rural residents

FED-UP residents in rural Stirlingshire say the council’s winter gritting policy is rubbing salt into their wounds.

Denis Noblett, who lives at the remote Hillhead Retreat on Cowie’s Carnock Road, has been camped inside his house for almost two weeks.

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Plea to Car Owners

“Over the past week, many people have been parking cars on Main Street, Killearn due to the extent of snow coverage in the side streets.

Whilst this practice is understandable, the parking is now starting to have negative impact on the community. Bus services which pass through Killearn are now being diverted along Station Road. This creates great problems for public transport users in the Branziert Road area, many of whom are elderly.

Similarly, it is becoming increasingly difficult to simply drive along Main Street, Killearn given the amount of cars parked in this area.

Clearly shops such as the Co-op and Spar require deliveries, and their drivers have experienced great difficulty in making deliveries of essential items such as bread and milk.

Stirling Council are making great efforts to clear side streets of snow and ice. Streets such as Beech Drive have been ploughed on a number of occasions now. Where ever possible, can I appeal to residents of Killearn to please avoid parking in Main Street and Balfron Road.

Many cars on these roads have clearly not been moved for several days and could just as safely be parked in driveways or in the side streets.

Thank you for your assistance in this regard and your co-operation would be greatly appreciated.

David McNally PC439”

Thanks to Nigel Kelly for forwarding this email on to us.

Schools close across west and central Scotland

Schools across central and western Scotland are closed on Tuesday and commuters on the road and rails have suffered disruption and delays as winter weather continues to bite.

Schools in Argyll and Bute, Clackmannanshire, Dumfries and Galloway, East Dunbartonshire, Falkirk, Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Stirling and West Dunbartonshire have been closed due to snow and ice.

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Bus driver’s eye damaged by laser beam

A BUS driver sustained damage to his eye after a thug shone a laser-pen beam into the cab of his vehicle as he passed through Killearn.

The C10 First Bus from Glasgow to Balfron, which had passengers on board at the time, was making its way along Killearn’s Main Street when the driver became aware of a light in his cab.

Anyone who has information on the incident is asked to contact Central Scotland Police on 01786 456000. Alternatively, Crimestoppers can be called, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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Weekly Food Waste Collections and More Recycling

We’re very pleased to let you know that from Thursday 2 December, 2010, most households in Killearn will be eligible for a weekly collection of food waste. In addition, from that date, three other new materials can be added to the blue box recycling collection: food and drink cartons (Tetra pak), household batteries and small portable electrical appliances.

A food waste collection starter kit will be distributed on Thursday 25 November to the 661 residences in Killearn on Kerbside Route 8, as shown on the attached map. This consists of a small grey kitchen caddy, 20 biodegradable liners and a leaflet explaining how to recycle food waste in five easy steps. Anyone household shown on the plan who did not get a starter kit can phone the Contact Centre (0845 277 7000) and order one. Waste Services will be promoting the uptake of this service over the coming months.

Please note that some households on the edges of your Community Council area, or in the village along Endrick Road and between Ibert Road and Main Street are on different collection routes at the moment. That means they will not be given food waste caddies yet. We will get to everyone in time, and will update you in due course when we are
in a position to provide this service to all remaining households within the Killearn area.

Analysis has shown that around one third of the refuse in the grey wheelie bin consists of food waste, such as meat, bones, fish, bread and plate scrapings and vegetable waste. Introducing food waste collections reduces the waste in the grey bin, benefits the local environment, keeps more out of landfill and provides opportunities for everyone to take
positive action against climate change. We hope you will encourage residents in your area to take part and recycle all they can. For more information, please see

Bid for “grotesque mansion” binned

A LUXURY home proposed for a picturesque area near Killearn has been rejected after it was described as “grotesque” by the chair of Stirling Council’s planning panel.

Sir Archibald Edmonstone submitted an application to demolish existing Lettre House and replace it with another.

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Killearn ladies raise thousands for vital research

A LUNCH held by a group of ladies from Killearn has raised £2400 for leukaemia research.

Killearn’s Rena Smith, herself a leukaemia patient, felt that she had benefited so much from research into the illness over the years that she wanted to show her appreciation to the Paul O’Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre. The centre, at the Beatson in Glasgow, is named after leukaemia patient Paul O’Gorman, who died aged just 14 back in 1986.

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