Nov 102015

As some of you may know Stirling Council are considering reducing or possibly cutting the evening bus service (number 10) which runs between Balfron, Killearn, Strathblane, Milngavie and Glasgow.

Please take a few minutes to fill in this survey — And pass the word around, not everyone is on this site so share among your other village friends!

  3 Responses to “Stirling Council are reducing/cutting evening bus service?”

  1. Perhaps a smaller bus every two hours after peak time ? But to cut it completely? Ridiculous.

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  2. We have on bus to Glasgow in the morning and one in late afternoon. Why should Balfron, Killearn have so many time they took us back to buses through Drymen up Stockiemoor Road to Glasgow.

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  3. Shuttle bus to Milngavie railway station every hour would be fine. Car sharing? what are they on?!

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