Aug 032015

Looks like the Killearn phone exchange, has been upgraded! Sure, before we could only get ADSL Max, so speeds of up to 8 Mbps. Now it also lists WBC ADSL 2+, with speeds of up to 17 Mbps…

It’s not fibre broadband, which give you speeds of up to 76 Mbps, but it’s a good start!


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  1. Could be a typo ? Samknows doesn’t have it.

    I haven’t seen any cabinets being installed in the village for fibre as yet either.

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    • I was thinking the same thing at first! So also checked some phone numbers in other parts of the village. I also checked a phone number that uses “Cabinet E3” and it said the same thing.

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  2. I thought the cabinets on Station Road had been upgraded? They look new and different.

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  3. You can tell if they’ve been upgraded as the fibre cabinets have a high security lock on them. I hope there’s more going in as the speed drops off fairly rapidly with distance.

    The ones at the top of station road are the only ones I’ve seen (not closeup though)

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  4. Also just checked the Blanefield phone exchange. Say it’s due to be upgraded to WBC ADSL 2+ by 02-Sep-15.

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  5. There aren’t many cabinets in Killearn at all – I think the bulk of lines in the village are direct to the exchange – this means no fibre for most, only adsl2+.

    The way round this is to have cabinets outside the exchange that the lines can be rerouted to, but it’s not common (costs more) – I haven’t been round the exchange lately – are there new cabinets outside?

    Suspect we’re about to get short-changed and it’ll only be the lucky strip down station road that’ll get fibre.

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  6. I cannot say that I have noticed any difference , its still slow have moved router several times to get best signal . Trying to run a business from here , with slow speeds makes life difficult to say the least , I look after the Oakthrift corporation in Scotland we are Europe’s largest manufacturer of bespoke and corporate umbrellas , and as such I am handling artwork on a daily basis, and at one point I thought about moving back into Glasgow.

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    • Les I’m the same. I use a specialist web based system for my business at at times I actually can’t work! It’s just rubbish. Am hoping that the lines on Endrick Road go to shiny new Station Road cabinet!! Our cable (which is exposed and damaged, but that’s another BT debacle story) certainly comes in from Allan Road!

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  7. Wow – just checked my router and it’s now connected at 18288 down and 883 up. Looks like it’s an automatic upgrade to adsl+ if your router can handle it.

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  8. Piece in the Courier today confirming only cabinet E1 at Blane Smithy and E3 at the top of station road will get fibre in the first phase. The rest of the village are EO lines straight to the exchange and wont get it till next Summer. Disappointing news for many!

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  9. Killearn Community Council have been doing a lot of work about this on behalf of residents & local businesses. Come along to the next KCC meeting on 16th Sept 8pm in the Primary School and get the latest news, or come along to the Open Day on 24th Oct in the Village Hall to get the full story and speak to one of our advisors!

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