Weekly Food Waste Collections and More Recycling

We’re very pleased to let you know that from Thursday 2 December, 2010, most households in Killearn will be eligible for a weekly collection of food waste. In addition, from that date, three other new materials can be added to the blue box recycling collection: food and drink cartons (Tetra pak), household batteries and small portable electrical appliances.

A food waste collection starter kit will be distributed on Thursday 25 November to the 661 residences in Killearn on Kerbside Route 8, as shown on the attached map. This consists of a small grey kitchen caddy, 20 biodegradable liners and a leaflet explaining how to recycle food waste in five easy steps. Anyone household shown on the plan who did not get a starter kit can phone the Contact Centre (0845 277 7000) and order one. Waste Services will be promoting the uptake of this service over the coming months.

Please note that some households on the edges of your Community Council area, or in the village along Endrick Road and between Ibert Road and Main Street are on different collection routes at the moment. That means they will not be given food waste caddies yet. We will get to everyone in time, and will update you in due course when we are
in a position to provide this service to all remaining households within the Killearn area.

Analysis has shown that around one third of the refuse in the grey wheelie bin consists of food waste, such as meat, bones, fish, bread and plate scrapings and vegetable waste. Introducing food waste collections reduces the waste in the grey bin, benefits the local environment, keeps more out of landfill and provides opportunities for everyone to take
positive action against climate change. We hope you will encourage residents in your area to take part and recycle all they can. For more information, please see www.stirling.gov.uk/waste/.