Month: October 2012

Police slam parents after drunken teenage party in Killearn

The police slammed parents for being ‘niave’ after they had to ‘babysit’ over 100 teenagers who met in Killearn for a drunken party.

Children aged 13 to 14 from nearby Stirlingshire villages met up in the posh village on Saturday, October 13 after telling parents they were going for a sleepovers with pals.

Read it on the Milngavie Herald website.

Killearn Community Council’s next meeting

The next meeting of Killearn Community Council will be held on Wednesday, October 24 at 8pm in Killearn Primary School.

The first item on the agenda will be a presentation by Murray Cook, Stirling Council’s archaeologist, on his recent work in the area.

Read it on the Milngavie Herald website.

Police slam parents as drunk kids party in posh Scots village

More than 100 kids gathered for a drunken party in a posh village after telling parents they were going to a sleepover with pals.

And police yesterday slammed parents as naive after revealing they were forced to “babysit” drunk 13 and 14-year-olds.

About 30 litres of booze were confiscated from kids at the party in Killearn, Stirlingshire, which was organised via Facebook.

Read it on the Daily Record website.

Help Killearn get fibre broadband

Please can everyone in Killearn with 01360 550 and 551 numbers please fill out the form at and help Killearn get the much needed fibre broadband. We have had slow Internet for way to long. We need fibre broadband to help local businesses grow.

Thanks for your help! 🙂