Killearn on the Web is not a commercial website, but like all websites it costs money to host and also for the Domain Name. I do not do this website for profit but I am still taking donations that are gratefully received. Currently most of the money goes toward website costs.

If you want to send me anything in the post then please email me for my address, or you can donate on-line quickly and securely by PayPal, by clicking on the logo below.

If you choose to donate with PayPal the credit card transaction will appear on your bill as “PAYPAL*G VALENTINE”.


Hosting: £17.95 per year.
Domain Name: £14.98 every two years.

In the future I would like donations for sending out letters to local business and organisations to tell them about this website.

Total costs so far

Hosting: £190 (since 28-Jun-2001).
Domain Name: £39.96 (since 27-Nov-2000).
Total: £229.96.

Where do we get the costs from?


When we first set-up the website it use to cost us £140 a year! But in 2003, we moved to a new host, which now only costs £25 a year. But this may go up, as we need more web space and bandwidth.

Domain Name

For the first two years it cost £9.99, then after £14.98 every two years.

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