Pots of Gartness

The Pots of Gartness is a series of rocky pools on the Endrick Water to the west of Killearn, near to Gartness. It’s a great place to watch salmon on their way up river to spawn.

Believe the best time to go is during October and November.

Location map

Pots of Gartness location map

When parking, please make sure you don’t block the road or any gates.

14 thoughts on “Pots of Gartness

  1. Hi there to whom this may concern, I was up at the pots of gartness on saturday to see if i could see any salmon leaping unfortunatley there was none so i was wondering if someone can help me and let me know when is the best time to go up and see them all trying to make there way up to spawn.

    Please let me know ASAP

    Kind Regards

      1. I saw them leap years ago as a child. I do not live locally, can snyone local advise,are they leaping now?

    1. I took a wee trip there today 30th Oct 2023. I went down the steep steps past the wee farmhouse to a rocky vantage point. I sat for 30 minutes and saw 8 salmon in this time. Could have sat there all day if I had the time. Beautiful

    2. I think the best time to go is September before the fishing season closes in October

  2. Hi there – I’m told the Pots is a great place to see salmon leaping, but had no luck yesterday (Mon 29th Oct). We just went to the bridge over the Endrick at Gartness hamlet, but probably the Pots are elsewhere on the river? Could somebody please give directions to the actual pots?
    Many thanks in advance
    Hilary Shearer

    1. before you get into the Hamlet walk through the gate for Mill House and follow the path,go past the first house and then at a bend the waterfall is signposted down some steps. Good Luck. We saw salmon at the end of September an amazing site

    1. I have lived in England for 42 years now but when I get home my favourite place to visit is the pots. you need to visit from september onwards to november preferably ay times of high rainfall when you can often see lots of salmon trying to pass the falls. what you need to realise is that at the gate on the road it may well have a private property sign. ignore this as access to the falls has always been available.


  3. Hi we parked near here today but can we check is the access the road which looks like it goes to the farm – we didn’t like to go up there as it looked like a private road but checking this again on here it looks like the correct route?

  4. Yes that’s it the the gate is about 200 yards up on the right hand side from the bridge at Gartness
    make sure you shut the gate behind you to keep the sheep in
    walk about 200 yards past the house on the left till you come to the bend on the road/ path
    you will see a heavy metal gate with steep steps going down to the rive and the falls
    or if you cant manage the steps just follow the road/path round to the end to the same place

  5. We’re off there today so fingers crossed we shall see some leaping salmon, thanks for the directions!

  6. Please could someone explain how to get t these as stopped and asked locals but no one seemed to know

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